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A Qualitative Study on Safety Rule Violation Motives at Manufacturing Plants
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 Title & Authors
A Qualitative Study on Safety Rule Violation Motives at Manufacturing Plants
Hong, In-gie; Baek, Jong-bae;
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The purpose of this study was to investigate the factors that influence safety rule violation at work. Semi-structured interviews were conducted with 337 participants from nine manufacturing plants. The results of the content analysis revealed the following six categories: Individual characteristics, safety commitment, safety support and resources, safety competence and communication, production pressure, and problems with rules. Among the 14 factors in the six categories above, indirect accident experience in the individual characteristics category and no action for complying with laws in the problems with rules category had not been identified in previous studies. However, some factors, such as age, peer pressure, pay type, the lowering of risk, a masculine way of working, and supervisor position were not found in this study. The implications and limitations are discussed.
rule-breaking;safety climate;violation motivators;interview;qualitative study;
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