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Comparison of Genetic Variation between Pre-practice Mature Trees and Post-practice One-year Old Seedlings in Pinus densiflora Natural Regeneration Stands
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 Title & Authors
Comparison of Genetic Variation between Pre-practice Mature Trees and Post-practice One-year Old Seedlings in Pinus densiflora Natural Regeneration Stands
Ahn, Ji Young; Lee, Jei Wan; Lee, Seok Woo; Baek, Seung Hoon; Lim, Hyo In; Kim, Hyun Seop;
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We studied the genetic impact of natural regeneration practices, such as Single seed tree, Group seed tree, Patch clear cutting and Alternate strip clear cutting systems, by comparing the nuclear microsatellite(nSSR) variation of post-practice natural regeneration one-year old seedlings of Pinus densiflora to that of pre-practice mature trees. The levels of genetic diversity of seedlings (A
genetic diversity;genetic differentiation;nSSR marker;pre-practice mature trees;post-practice seedlings;
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