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Changes in Quality of `Mipung` Chestnut during Storage by Pre-treatment Methods after Harvest
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 Title & Authors
Changes in Quality of `Mipung` Chestnut during Storage by Pre-treatment Methods after Harvest
Oh, Sung-Il; Park, Yunmi; Kim, Mahn-Jo;
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The effects of pre-treatment methods (water cooling, water cooling+ozone, precooling+microbubble, water cooling+ozone+microbubble) after harvest on the quality of `Mipung` chestnut were studied. Changes in quality of chestnut were greater precooling treatments effect than washing treatments. But, decaying rate and total microorganism were significantly differences among treatments. The decaying rate after 12 weeks storage was highest at 20.0% in non-treatments and lowest at 3.3% in water cooling+ozone and water cooling+ozone+microbubble treatments. The total microorganism immediately after washing treatments was in the order non-treatments (4.4 log CFU/g) > water cooling treatments (4.0 log CFU/g) > water cooling+ozone+microbubble treatments (3.5 log CFU/g) > water cooling+ozone treatments (3.4 log CFU/g) > water cooling+microbubble treatments (3.3 log CFU/g), and after 12 weeks storage was increased within 4.7 to 5.9 log CFU/g. Thus, the washing treatments, especially ozone treatments, extended the shelf-life of the `Mipung` chestnut by inhibiting the decaying.
Castanea crenata;quality;storage;precooling;ozone;microbubble;
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