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A Study on the Food Cure in Eumsunjungyo Singnyojaebyeong
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 Title & Authors
A Study on the Food Cure in Eumsunjungyo Singnyojaebyeong
Hong, Jin-Im;
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Objectives : This study examined the food cures in Eumsunjungyo Singnyojaebyeong. The diseases described in Singnyojaebyeong still occur frequently in modern times. This study also investigated the recipe of food cures for applying to the modern time treatment. Methods : I categorized the major symptoms of the sixty-one food therapies in Singnyojaebyeong, and sorted the main ingredients of each symptoms, and organized the efficacies of food sources based on third book of Eumsunjungyo. Results : Singnyojaebyeong, which organized the treatment methods curing diseases with foods, provided information about the foods that are good for twenty diseases, such as Heoro, Shinheo, Pung, Yotong, Heoyak, Biwui Heoyak, Seupbi, Sujong, Sogal, Sobyeonbultong, Gakgi, and Chijil. The food therapy methods were used to cure diseases using the food sources suitable for each major symptom. Conclusions : The food therapies in Eumsunjungyo Singnyojaebyeong proves that people in all regions have used food to cure diseases from old times. And to cure diseases, people have used the characteristics, tastes, and cooking forms of food ingredients for a long time. Thus, this study can be a reference for creating another food therapy.
Eumsunjungyo;Holsaye;Dietary cure book;Food cure;The food therapies;
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