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A study on the use of fish as food treatment in Singnyochanyo
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 Title & Authors
A study on the use of fish as food treatment in Singnyochanyo
Hong, Jin Im;
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Objectives : The researcher figured out the kinds of fish that were used as a treatment for various diseases, and based on the result, studied on how to enhance healthy life and facilitate disease treatment with fish-based treatment. Methods : The researcher first extracted prescriptions based on fish from Singnyochanyo and later, analyzed the extracts by main efficacies, ingredients, recipes and intake periods. Results & Conclusions : According to study, Singnyochanyo used snakeheads twice, eels eleven times, crucian carps eight times, gray mullets once, carps twelve times and yellow croakers three times. When it comes to crucian carps, Singnyochanyo utilized them for asthma-related symptoms, stomach-related diseases, diarrhea, dysentery and hemorrhoid. Donguibogam, however, used crucian carps for more specific purposes - dysentery and stomach-related diseases. In Singnyochanyo, gray mullets and yellow croakers were used to treat stomach-related diseases only one to three times. Carps were applied to treat diseases twelve times in total, five of them for pregnancy-related diseases. For pregnant women, it was recommended to make a soup of carps with side ingredients.
Singnyochanyo;Food cure;Yaksun;Fish;Pregnancy-related diseases;
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