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The Characteristics and Seasonal Variations of OC and EC for PM2.5 in Seoul Metropolitan Area in 2014
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 Title & Authors
The Characteristics and Seasonal Variations of OC and EC for PM2.5 in Seoul Metropolitan Area in 2014
Park, Jong Sung; Song, In Ho; Park, Seung Myung; Shin, Hyejung; Hong, Youdeog;
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To investigate characteristics and seasonal variations of carbonaceous species for in Seoul metropolitan area, Korea, we measured organic carbon (OC) and elemental carbon (EC) from January 2014 to December 2014 using a semi-continuous OC/EC Analyzer (Model-4, Sunset Lab.). Mean concentrations of OC and EC were estimated and , respectively. The annual averaged OC/EC ratio was . Concentrations of OC and EC comprised 13% and 5% of and the mass fraction of both was the highest in fall. OC and EC showed similar trend in seasonal variations. Concentrations of those showed a clear seasonal variation with the highest in winter and the lowest in summer. The correlations between the two were the best during the winter ($r^2
Seoul intensive atmospheric monitoring station;Organic Carbon;Elemental Carbon;;
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