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The Intertidal Area in Lake Sihwa After Operation of the Tidal Power Plant
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The Intertidal Area in Lake Sihwa After Operation of the Tidal Power Plant
Kim, Minkyu; Koo, Bon Joo;
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The intertidal area in Lake Sihwa formed after operation of Sihwa-Lake tidal power plant and the change of the area in Lake Sihwa by period were analyzed. For computation of the intertidal area, remote sensing techniques were applied and high resolution Digital Elevation Model (DEM) was generated with root mean square (rms) error 14.4 cm. The intertidal area was in 1910s, in 1991 before completion of Sihwa dyke, in 2010 during the period on operation of sluice gate, and in 2013 after operation of Sihwa tidal power plant. Intertidal in Lake Sihwa was nearly dissipated after completion of Sihwa dyke, but significantly increased with operation of Sihwa tidal power plant from April 2012 as developing a regular tide environment and increasing of sea water flux. The re-formation of tidal flat of Sihwa Lake is an uncommon case. This study that precisely analyzed on the area of artificially formed Sihwa tidal flat would be applicable for management and making conservation plan.
Intertidal area;Remote-sensing;Digital elevation model;Lake Sihwa;
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조간대 복원이 수조류의 분포에 미치는 영향,박치영;신만석;김호준;백운기;이준우;

한국환경생태학회지, 2016. vol.30. 5, pp.837-847 crossref(new window)
조력발전소 가동 후 시화갯벌의 대형저서동물군집 변화,김민규;구본주;

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