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Sediment Quality Assessment for Heavy Metals in Streams Around the Shihwa Lake
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 Title & Authors
Sediment Quality Assessment for Heavy Metals in Streams Around the Shihwa Lake
Jeong, Hyeryeong; Kim, Kyung-Tae; Kim, Eun-Soo; Ra, Kongtae; Lee, Seung-Yong;
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Heavy metals in the stream sediments around Shihwa Lake were studied not only to investigate the characteristics of spacio-temporal distribution but also to assess the pollution degree and ecological risk using various pollution indices. Among metals, Zn had the highest values (1,311 mg/kg) and Hg showed the lowest value (0.261 mg/kg). The order of mean concentrations (mg/kg) of metals was Zn>Cu>Pb>Cr>Ni>Co>As>Cd>Hg in stream sediments around Shihwa Lake. Metal concentrations showed different pollution pattern with industrial region, indicating that these metals originated from different sources and industrial region had higher metal concentration than rural/urban regions. The results of geoaccumulation index (Igeo) showed that the stream sediments were significantly polluted with Cd, Cu, Zn and Pb, indicating moderately to highly polluted by these metals. According to PLI consideration, industrial region was more seriously polluted by metals whereas an rural/urban region was not polluted. About 85% of sampling site for Cr, Ni, Cu, Zn and Pb from industrial regions were exceeded the PEL values. The mPELQ and SQI values derived from PEL of industrial region were classified as `highly toxic` and `very poor` and metal pollution level tend to be worse in wet season. This indicates that the industrial activities and stromwater runoff represents an important sources of heavy metals around Shihwa Lake.
Heavy metal;Pollution;Stream sediment;geo-accumulation index;Pollution load index;
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