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Bio-environmental Characteristics of the Uljin Marine Ranching Area (UMRA), East Sea of Korea. 1. Spatio-temporal Distributions of Phytoplankton Community
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Bio-environmental Characteristics of the Uljin Marine Ranching Area (UMRA), East Sea of Korea. 1. Spatio-temporal Distributions of Phytoplankton Community
Yoon, Yang Ho;
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This study describes the spatio-temporal distributions in phytoplankton community such as species composition, standing crops and dominant species from April to November 2008 in the Uljin Marine Ranching Area (UMRA). A total of 123 species of phytoplankton belonging to 67 genera was identified. In particular, diatoms and dinoflagellates were occupied more than 60.5% and 34.6% of total species, respectively. The annual dominant species were Thalassiosira sp., Pseudo-nitzschia pungens in spring, Leptocylindrus danicus, Guinardia striata in early summer, Cheatoceros cirvisetus, Ch. decipiens in early autumn and Skeletonema costatum -ls (like species), Pn. pungens in autumn. Phytoplankton cell density fluctuated with an annual mean of between the lowest value of in early autumn and the highest value of in spring. According to the cluster analysis, the phytoplankton community of the UMRA was characterized by the nutrient supply from land side and water movement as current.
Spario-temporal distribution;Phytoplankton community;Uljin Marine Ranching Area (UMRA);Cluster analysis;
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경주시 연안해역의 식물플랑크톤 군집 장기 변동,김현정;박재영;손민호;문창호;

수산해양교육연구, 2016. vol.28. 5, pp.1417-1434 crossref(new window)
동해 울진 바다목장해역의 크기별 식물플랑크톤 생물량의 시·공간적 분포 특성,윤양호;

환경생물, 2016. vol.34. 3, pp.151-160 crossref(new window)
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