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Variation Characteristics of the Groundwater Level of Natural Vegetation and Sandy Beaches
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 Title & Authors
Variation Characteristics of the Groundwater Level of Natural Vegetation and Sandy Beaches
Park, JungHyun; Yoon, Han-sam;
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The variation of groundwater by wave, tide and precipitation conditions is closely related to the vegetation environment at the natural vegetation and sandy based beach, and it has a significant impact on the vegetation development and ground stabilization. In this study, the water temperature, electrical conductivity, and pressure were monitored at five observational stations normal to the Jinu-do(Island) shoreline of Nakdong river estuary from March 2012 to September 2014 (approximately 799 days) with the aim of measuring the variation in groundwater-table characteristics. The purpose of the study was to identify factors (tide, wave etc.) affecting groundwater-table variation using time series and correlation analysis, and to record spatial variations in the groundwater level and electrical conductivity as a result of storm events. The observational station in the intertidal zone was strongly affected by wave period and tide level. During the storm period, the groundwater-table and electrical conductivity were stabilized at the edge of sand dunes, vegetation, and areas of transition between freshwater and seawater.
Nakdong river estuary;Jinu-do(island);Groundwater level;Transition zone;Vegetation zone;
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해안사구의 지하수위와 식생 발달의 공간적 특성 연구,박정현;윤한삼;전용호;

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