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Feasibility Study on the Gas-Liquid Multiphase by Lattice-Boltzmann Method in Two-Dimensions
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 Title & Authors
Feasibility Study on the Gas-Liquid Multiphase by Lattice-Boltzmann Method in Two-Dimensions
Jung, Rho-Taek;
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Gas-Liquid multiphase flow simulation has been carried out using the Lattice boltzmann method. For the interface treatment, pseudo-potential model (Shan-Chen) was used with the Carnahan-Starling equation of state. Exact Difference Method also applied for the treatment of the force term. Through the developed code, we simulated coexsitence structure of high and low density, phase separation, surface tension effect, characteristics of moving interface, homogeneous and heterogeneous cavitation and bubble collaps.
Lattice-Boltzmann Method;Phase separation;Bubble Cavitation;D2Q9;
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