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Vector Control for Wave Power Generation System using Permanent Magnet Linear Synchronous Generator
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 Title & Authors
Vector Control for Wave Power Generation System using Permanent Magnet Linear Synchronous Generator
Park, Joon Sung; Hyon, Byong Jo; Yun, Junbo; Lee, Ju; Choi, Jang-Young; Choi, Jong-Su; Hong, Keyyong;
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This paper describes power generation from sea waves by using linear permanent magnet generator. A buoy is placed on the ocean surface and connected to the generator. The wave energy is carried out from the movement of a buoy. An electrical conversion system is needed between the generator and the grid. For an analysis of the power system, the modeling of the linear generator and converter system was proceeded. This paper proposes vector control method for wave power generation system using linear generator. In order to verify the proposed method, simulation and experiment performed and the results support the validity of the control scheme.
Permanent Magnet Linear Synchronous Generator;Power Conversion System;Sea Wave Generation;Heave Motion;Wave Energy Converter;
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자이로 파력발전용 저속 고 토크 6kW급 영구자석 동기발전기 설계,홍경표;강규홍;이선권;

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