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Survey of Sedimentary Environment and Sediment at the West-Northern Site of Chagwi-do nearby Jeju Island
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 Title & Authors
Survey of Sedimentary Environment and Sediment at the West-Northern Site of Chagwi-do nearby Jeju Island
Kim, Hansoo; Hyeon, Jong-Wu; Jin, Changzhu; Kim, Jeongrok; Cho, Il-Hyoung;
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The sedimentary environment and sediment were surveyed at the West-Northern site of Chagwi-do nearby Jeju Island for the design of the embedded suction anchor system of 10 MW-class floating wave-offshore wind hybrid power generation system. According to the classification scheme of Chough et al.[2002], the echo type of the seismic profiles using the chirp III was classified. As a results, the center and west-northern area of survey site were proved to be type I-3 where subbottom layer with thickness 5~15 m exists under the flat seafloor. On the other hands, the east-southern area were regarded to be type I-1, I-2 and III-1 where seafloor reflection is much stronger than type I-3. Also, the physical tests (unit weight, moisture content, grain size, liquid limit, specific gravity) were performed with samples taken from 8 fixed locations. It is found that the sand (SP), the sand blended with silt (SM) and the mixture of SP-SM are distributed uniformly on the survey area.
Sediment;Anchor system;Seismic profiles;Gravity core sampler;Subbottom layer;
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