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Spatio-Temporal Distribution of Particulate Organic Carbon (POC) and Nitrogen (PON) in the Southwestern Area of East Sea
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 Title & Authors
Spatio-Temporal Distribution of Particulate Organic Carbon (POC) and Nitrogen (PON) in the Southwestern Area of East Sea
Oh, Seok Jin; Jeong, Semi; Kim, Seok-Yun;
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In southwestern East Sea, we investigated the spatio-temporal distribution characteristics of particulate organic carbon (POC) and nitrogen (PON) in September 2011 (summer), January (winter) and May 2012 (spring). Although cold waters known as the origin upwelling in the surface layer of September were not observed, this periods showed high primary productivity because of high concentrations of chlorophyll, low percentage of non-autotrophic particulate fraction among POC calculated by POC/Chl-a ratio (27%) and low POC/PON ratio (6.2), which means active amino acid and protein synthesis, However, May, 2012 showed low primary productivity because of high percentage of non-autotrophic particulate fractions among POC (66%) and high POC/PON ratio (8.1), Although spring bloom and high primary productivity has been reported in the East Sea, high percentage of non-autotrophic particulate fractions in POC, observed in the East sea during the post 2012 spring, is suggested to be due to the increase of phaeo-pigment during post spring bloom. Thus, composition of particulate organic matter may have sensitively changed by marine environmental factors in spite of same season.
Particulate organic carbon;particulate organic nitrogen;POC/Chl-a ratio;POC/PON ratio;detritus;
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