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A Study on R&D Performance Analysis of Marine Technology
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 Title & Authors
A Study on R&D Performance Analysis of Marine Technology
Choi, Sang Sun; Oh, Inha; Lee, Dongmyeng;
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In this study, the characterization of projects and analysis of R&D products and commercialization performances were done to serve some implications on the policy decisions related to the commercialization of R&D in marine and fisheries sector. A total of 212 R&D projects with 144 ones for marine and 68 for fisheries performed for 5 years, from 2010 to 2014, were sorted and analyzed on the respect of government budget, main performing body, and research period. The R&D result and commercialization performance were substituted to quantitative indicators, such as the number of published papers, the number of patents, the amount of the technology royalty, the number of technology transfers, and the improvement of public service, which were subjects to be analysed. Based on the results, this study suggests the policy implications for the success of national R&D program; 1) diversifying the main performing body, 2) operating the system for sharing research infrastructures among researchers, 3) introducing the adaptable R&D program management, 4) expending the portion of grants without detailed requests for proposal, and 5) leaning the investigation of R&D budgets on projects focusing on the practicalization and commercialization.
National Research & Development;Marine Technology;R&D Performance;Technology transfer;Technology commercialization;
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