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Evaluation of Impactor`s Collection Efficiency on Airborne Bacteria by Type of Agar Media and Storage Condition
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 Title & Authors
Evaluation of Impactor`s Collection Efficiency on Airborne Bacteria by Type of Agar Media and Storage Condition
Kim, Ki-Youn; Jang, Gyu-Yeob; Park, Jae-Beom; Kim, Chi-Nyon; Lee, Kyung-Jong;
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The range of reduction rates of airborne bacteria concentration at 6 hrs, 12 hrs, 24 hrs and 48 hrs, which means a storage time until input of agar media into incubator after air sampling with an impactor. were 15-20%, 25-40%, 35-50% and 55-70%, respectively, compared to initial concentration. Types of agar media and storage thermal condition did not significantly affect a collection efficiency of impactor in terms of evaluating airborne bacteria level (p>0.05). To better improve the impactor`s collection efficiency of airborne bacteria, based on the result of this study, it is recommended that the vicinity of should be sustained until input of agar media into incubator after air sampling.
impactor;airborne bacteria;collection efficiency;storage condition;
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