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The Effect of Petasites japonicus Extract on Hepatotoxicity in Rats
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The Effect of Petasites japonicus Extract on Hepatotoxicity in Rats
Park, Ji-Young;
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Petasites japonicus (Compositae) is a perennial herb which has been used as treatment of antitussive, expectorant, sedatives, paralysis, diurectics in folk remedies. The pharmacological studies of this natural drug have not yet estabilished. So, we examined anti-lipid peroxidative effects and liver protective effect on induced lipid peroxidation and hepatotoxicity in rats. In vivo liver lipid, MeOH Ex. revealed significant increase of anti-lipid peroxidative effects according to concentration dependently. In chemical parameters obtained from serum analysis, MeOH Ex. as a increase of medicine concentration (0.25 g/kg, 0.5 g/kg, 1.0 g/kg), GOT, GPT, AlP decreased. In 0.5 g/kg GPT administered group, there was relative in GOT, AlP. Cholesterol decreased in 1.0 g/kg and 1.0 g/kg administered group, BUN decreased relatively in 1.0 g/kg administered group.
Petasites japonicus;anti-lipid peroxidation;hepatotoxicity;
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족도리풀 뿌리의 메탄올엑스 분획이 마우스의 세포성 및 체액성 면역반응에 미치는 영향,박지영;

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