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Estimation of Methane Generation Rate and Potential Methane Generation Capacity at Cheongju Megalo Landfill Site Based on LandGEM Model
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Estimation of Methane Generation Rate and Potential Methane Generation Capacity at Cheongju Megalo Landfill Site Based on LandGEM Model
Hong, Sang-Pyo;
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Methane is a potent greenhouse gas and methane emissions from landfill sites have been linked to global warming. In this study, LandGEM (Landfill Gas Emission Model) was applied to predict landfill gas quantity over time, and then this result was compared with the data surveyed on the site, Cheongju Megalo Landfill. LandGEM allows the input of site-specific values for methane generation rate (k) and potential methane generation capacity , but in this study, k value of 0.04/yr and value of /ton were considered to be most appropriate for reflecting non-arid temperate region conventional landfilling like Cheongju Megalo Landfill. Relatively high discrepancies between the surveyed data and the predicted data about landfill gas seems to be derived from insufficient compaction of daily soil-cover, inefficient recovery of landfill gas and banning of direct landfilling of food waste in 2005. This study can be used for dissemination of information and increasing awareness about the benefits of recovering and utilizing LFG (landfill gas) and mitigating greenhouse gas emissions.
LandGEM (Landfill Gas Emission Model);LFG (Landfill Gas);Cheongju Megalo Landfill;
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소규모 사용종료매립지의 환경특성분석,장성호;조한진;이춘식;

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