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Antimicrobial Efficacy of the Disinfectant Solution Nanoxil® Against Fish Pathogenic Bacteria
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 Title & Authors
Antimicrobial Efficacy of the Disinfectant Solution Nanoxil® Against Fish Pathogenic Bacteria
Cha, Chun-Nam; Jung, Won-Chul; Lee, Yeo-Eun; Yoo, Chang-Yeul; Kim, Suk; Lee, Hu-Jang;
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Fish pathogenic bacteria are a considerable danger of farmed fish and a source of economic loss in the fish farming industry. In this study, was compared to hydrogen peroxide and a silver colloid in terms of disinfection efficacy against E. tarda, V. anguillarum and S. iniae. A bactericidal efficacy test conducted by a broth dilution method was used to determine the lowest effective dilution of the disinfectant following exposure to test bacteria for 30 min at . and test bacteria were diluted with distilled water (DW), hard water (HW) or an organic matter suspension (OM) according to the treatment condition. Under the OM condition, the bactericidal activity of against E. tarda exhibited a lowered efficacy compared to that under the DW and HW conditions. at 500 fold (dilutions on) under all of the conditions demonstrated a high bactericidal efficacy against S. iniae. As possess bactericidal efficacy against fish pathogenic bacteria such as E. tarda, V. anguillarum and S. iniae, this disinfectant solution can be used to limit the spread of fish bacterial diseases.
;Edwardsiella tarda;Vibrio anguillarum;Streptococcus iniae;Disinfectant efficacy;
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