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Climate Change and Health - A Systemic Review of Low and High Temperature Effects on Mortality
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Climate Change and Health - A Systemic Review of Low and High Temperature Effects on Mortality
Lim, Youn-Hee; Kim, Ho;
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Objectives: The impact of climate change on the health has been of increasing concern due to a recent temperature increase and weather abnormality, and the research results of the impact varied depending on regions. We synthesized risk estimates of the overall health effects of low and high temperature taking account of the heterogeneity. Methods: A comprehensive literature search was conducted using PUBMED to identify journal articles of low and/or high temperature effects on mortality. The search was limited to the English language and epidemiological studies using time-series analysis and/or case-crossover design. Random-effect models in meta analysis were used to estimate the percent increase in mortality with temperature decrease or increase with 95% confidence intervals (CI) in cold or hot days. Results: Twenty three studies were presented in two tables: 1) low temperature effects; 2) high temperature effects on mortality. The combined effects of low and high temperatures on total mortality were 2% (95% CI, 1-4%) per decrease and 4% (95% CI, 2-5%) per increase of temperature, respectively. Conclusions: This meta analysis found that both low and high temperatures affected mortality, and the magnitude of high temperature appeared to be stronger than that of low temperature.
Climate change;High temperature;Low temperature;Meta analysis;Mortality;
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환경보건적 요소가 도시 내 폭염 취약성 평가 결과에 미치는 영향 분석,이원정;강재은;김유근;

한국환경보건학회지, 2013. vol.39. 6, pp.492-504 crossref(new window)
기후변화적응을 위한 기상특보 인지도 및 활용도 분석: 건조특보를 중심으로,최수진;김은별;정우식;김백조;박종길;

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