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Review of Rural Housing Policies for Rural Revitalization Based on the Analysis of Rural Newtown Projects
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  • Journal title : Korean Journal of Human Ecology
  • Volume 24, Issue 6,  2015, pp.887-901
  • Publisher : Korean Association of Human Ecology
  • DOI : 10.5934/kjhe.2015.24.6.887
 Title & Authors
Review of Rural Housing Policies for Rural Revitalization Based on the Analysis of Rural Newtown Projects
Park, Jung-a; Choi, Byungsook; Kang, Inho;
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This study aims to identify limitations and pending problems after reviewing the overall policies and status of rural Newtown projects, and to seek solutions to its problems. This study targeted the villages of 5 districts, which were developed as rural new-towns after 2009 and included the basic status and progress of the pilot districts. This study conducted a literature review to examine the basic status and progress of the pilot districts, and based on this, analyzed the demand prediction, site selection, project implementation, and housing and amenity facilities of the pilot districts. The study methods included literature reviews, on-site surveys, interviews with village representatives, and consultations with experts. According to the analysis results, a low occupancy rate of the Newtown project districts is because the prediction of occupancy demand was incorrectly completed before implementing the projects. Also, the eligibility for occupancy, such as age restriction and mandatory farming was too strict. Other problems included an absence of income generation support policies for rural returnees, a housing supply policy in disregard of agricultural characteristics, and a lack of understanding of maintenance of communal space, etc.
rural newtown projects;rural revitalization;the villages of 5 districts;the demand prediction;
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