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Selective NO2 Sensors Using MoS2-MoO2 Composite Yolk-shell Spheres
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 Title & Authors
Selective NO2 Sensors Using MoS2-MoO2 Composite Yolk-shell Spheres
Jeong, Seong Yong; Choi, Seung Ho; Yoon, Ji-Wook; Won, Jong Min; Kang, Yun Chan; Park, Joon-Shik; Lee, Jong-Heun;
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The gas sensing characteristic of composite yolk-shell spheres were investigated. -carbon composite spheres were prepared by ultrasonic spray pyrolysis of aqueous droplets containing Mo-source and sucrose in nitrogen, which were converted into yolk-shell spheres by heat treatment at in air. Subsequently, composite yolk-shell spheres were prepared by the partial sulfidation of . The composite yolk-shell spheres showed relatively low and irreversible gas sensing characteristics at < . In contrast, the sensor showed high and reversible response (S
Gas sensors; Yolk-shell Spheres; Sensor;Selectivity;
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