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Magnetoelectric Characteristics on Layered Fe78B13Si9/PZT/Fe78B13Si9 Composites for Magnetic Field Sensor
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 Title & Authors
Magnetoelectric Characteristics on Layered Fe78B13Si9/PZT/Fe78B13Si9 Composites for Magnetic Field Sensor
Ryu, Ji-Goo; Jeon, Seong-Jeub;
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The magnetoelectric characteristics on layered and (, 0.034mm) composites by epoxy bonding for magnetic field sensor were investigated in the low-frequency range and resonance frequency range. The optimal bias magnetic field of these samples was about 23~63 Oe range. The Me coefficient of composites reaches a maximum of at , f=50 Hz and a maximum of at , resonance frequency . The output voltage shows linearity proportional to ac fields and is about U=0~130.6 mV at , f=50 Hz, U=0~12.4 V at , (resonance frequency). The optimal frequency(f=50 Hz) of this sample is around the utility ac frequency(f=60 Hz). Therefore, this sample will allow for ac magnetic field sensor at utility frequency and low bias magnetic fields .
Magnetic field sensor;Magnetoelectric effect;Magnetostriction coefficient;Electromechanical coefficient;Load resistance;
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