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Transparent Conducting Multilayer Electrode (GTO/Ag/GTO) Prepared by Radio-Frequency Sputtering for Organic Photovoltaic`s Cells
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 Title & Authors
Transparent Conducting Multilayer Electrode (GTO/Ag/GTO) Prepared by Radio-Frequency Sputtering for Organic Photovoltaic`s Cells
Pandey, Rina; Kim, Jung Hyuk; Hwang, Do Kyung; Choi, Won Kook;
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Indium free consisting of three alternating layers GTO/Ag/GTO has been fabricated by radio-frequency (RF) sputtering for the applications as transparent conducting electrodes and the structural, electrical and optical properties of the gallium tin oxide (GTO) films were carefully studied. The gallium tin oxide thin films deposited at room temperature are found to have an amorphous structure. Hall Effect measurements show a strong influence on the conductivity type where it changed from n-type to p-type at . GTO/Ag/GTO multilayer structured electrode with a few nm of Ag layer embedded is fabricated and show the optical transmittance of 86.48% in the visible range (
Transparent conductive oxide;Gallium Tin Oxide (GTO);RF Sputtering;Structural and optical Properties;Bulk hetero-junction Organic Photovoltaic`s Cells (BHJ-OPVs);and power conversion efficiency;
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