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Ring-Type Rotary Ultrasonic Motor Using Lead-free Ceramics
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 Title & Authors
Ring-Type Rotary Ultrasonic Motor Using Lead-free Ceramics
Hong, Chang-Hyo; Han, Hyoung-Su; Lee, Jae-Shin; Wang, Ke; Yao, Fang-Zhou; Li, Jing-Feng; Gwon, Jung-Ho; Quyet, Nguyen Van; Jung, Jin-Kyung; Jo, Wook;
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Ultrasonic motors provide high torques and quick responses compared to their magnetic counterparts; therefore, they are widely used in small-scale applications such as mobile phones, microrobots, and auto-focusing modules in digital cameras. To determine the feasibility of lead-free piezoceramics for ultrasonic motor applications, we fabricated a ring-type piezoceramic with a KNN-based lead-free piezoceramic (referred to as CZ5), intended for use in an auto-focusing module of a digital camera. The vibration of the lead-free stator was observed at 45.1 kHz. It is noteworthy that the fully assembled lead-free ultrasonic motor exhibited a revolution speed of 5-7 rpm, even though impedance matching with neighboring components was not considered. This result suggests that the tested KNN-based piezoceramic has great potential for use in ultrasonic motor applications, requiring minimal modifications to existing lead-based systems.
Ultrasonic motors;Lead-free;;Piezoelectrics;Auto-focusing module;
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무연 완화형/정규 강유전체 복합소재 [0.97Bi1/2(Na0.78K0.22)1/2TiO3-0.03LaFeO3]-Bi1/2(Na0.82K0.18)1/2TiO3의 저전계 전계유기 변형 특성 연구,홍창효;강진규;조욱;이재신;

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