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Development of Blood Pressure Simulator for Test of the Arm-type Automatic Blood Pressure Monitor
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 Title & Authors
Development of Blood Pressure Simulator for Test of the Arm-type Automatic Blood Pressure Monitor
Kim, S.H.; Yun, S.U.; Cho, M.H.; Lee, S.J.; Lim, M.H.; Seo, S.Y.; Jeon, G.R.;
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Blood pressure is possible to diagnose a disease associated with blood pressure and judgment the current health of patients. Automatic blood pressure monitor capable of measuring a blood pressure easily in hospital and at home have become spread. In this study, we developed the blood pressure simulator (BPS) that can test the arm-type automatic blood pressure monitor that is commonly used in hospital. BPS is to produce a pressure similar to the pressure wave generated in the human blood using a servo disk motor. Then, using the silicon tube, it implements the situations such as human blood vessels, and to output the generated pressure waveform. Simply the BPS`s phantom put on the cuff and it is able to simulate blood pressure. So anyone can quickly test the blood pressure monitor within one minute and it is possible to shorten the test time required for the automatic blood pressure monitor. In Performance test, the trends and the standard deviation of the values measured in the BPS is similar to the value of the measured pressure from people with normal blood pressure. Thus, the development BPS showed a possibility of taking into account the actual blood pressure measurement environment simulator.
Simulator;Blood pressure;Automatic blood pressure monitor;Test;
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