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Design of 8-bit Single Slope ADC for Signal Processing of Multiple Image Sensors
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 Title & Authors
Design of 8-bit Single Slope ADC for Signal Processing of Multiple Image Sensors
Lee, Jong-Cheol; Lee, Sang-Hoon; Kim, Jin-Tae; Park, Jae-Roul; Shin, Jang-Kyoo; Choi, Pyung;
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This paper proposes a single slope A/D converter (SSADC) that is possible to process the signal of the ultraviolet, visible and infrared rays with a single chip. And the proposed SSADC is a type of single channel ADC. In the conventional SSADC, it is possible to process the only one signal with a kind of the sensor because the speed of the operating frequency and the slope of ramp signal generated by the ramp generator are fixed. In order to improve the disadvantages, a ramp generator which has variable slope in ramp function is designed and MUX(multiplexer) is adopted so that we can change the speed of the operating frequency and the slope of ramp signal. Therefore, the multiple signal processing of the wanted sensors can be possible. The designed circuit is layout by the CMOS 2-poly 4-metal technology process and is checked through DRC and LVS tools.
Single slope A/D converter;Ultraviolet rays;Visible lights;Infrared rays;Image sensors;
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