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Fabrication and Vibration Characterization of a Partially Etched-type Artificial Basilar Membrane
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 Title & Authors
Fabrication and Vibration Characterization of a Partially Etched-type Artificial Basilar Membrane
Kang, Hanmi; Jung, Youngdo; Kwak, Jun-Hyuk; Song, Kyungjun; Kong, Seong Ho; Hur, Shin;
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The structure of the human ear is divided into the outer ear, the middle ear, and the inner ear. The inner ear includes the cochlea that plays a very important role in hearing. Recently, the development of an artificial cochlear device for the hearing impaired with cochlear damage has been actively researched. Research has been carried out on the biomimetic piezoelectric thin film ABM (Artificial Basilar Membrane) in particular. In an effort to improve the frequency separation performance of the existing piezoelectric thin film ABM, this paper presents the design, fabrication, and characterization of the production and performance of a partially etched-type ABM material. plasma etching equipment was used to partially etch a piezoelectric thin film ABM to make it more flexible. The mechanical-behavior characterization of the manufactured partially etched-type ABM showed that the overall separation frequency range shifted to a lower frequency range more suitable for audible frequency bandwidths and it displayed an improved frequency separation performance. In addition, the maximum magnitude of the vibration displacement at the first local resonant frequency was enhanced by three times from 38 nm to 112 nm. It is expected that the newly designed, partially etched-type ABM will improve the issue of cross-talk between nearby electrodes and that the manufactured partially etched-type ABM will be utilized for next-generation ABM research.
PVDF film;PVDF sensor;ABM (Artificial Basilar Membrane); plasma etching;
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