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Pressure-infiltration of Fe3O4-nanoparticles Into Porous Silicon and a Packing Density Monitoring Technique
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 Title & Authors
Pressure-infiltration of Fe3O4-nanoparticles Into Porous Silicon and a Packing Density Monitoring Technique
Lee, Joo Hyeon; Lee, Jae Joon; Lee, Ki Won;
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In this paper, we propose a new method to infiltrate -nanoparticles into a porous silicon film and a monitoring technique to detect packing density of nanoparticles within the film. Recently, research to use porous silicon as a drug carrier or a new functional sensor material by infiltrating -nanoparticles has been extensively performed. However, it is still necessary to enhance the packing density and to develop a monitoring technique to detect the packing density in real time. In this light, we forcibly injected a nanoparticle solution into a rugate-structured free-standing porous silicon (FPS) film by applying a pressure difference between the two sides of the film. We found that the packing density by the pressure-infiltration method proposed in this paper is enhanced, relative to that by the previous diffusion method. Moreover, a continuous shift in wavelength of the rugate reflectance peak measured from the film surface was observed while the nanoparticle solution was being injected. By exploiting this phenomenon, we could qualitatively monitor the packing density of -nanoparticles within the FPS film with the injection volume of the nanoparticle solution.
Porous silicon;Nanoparticles;;Infiltration;Packing density;
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