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Growth and Optical Conductivity Properties for BaAl2Se4 Single Crystal Thin Film by Hot Wall Epitaxy
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 Title & Authors
Growth and Optical Conductivity Properties for BaAl2Se4 Single Crystal Thin Film by Hot Wall Epitaxy
Jeong, Junwoo; Lee, Kijung; Hong, Kwangjoon;
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A stoichiometric mixture of evaporating materials for single crystal thin films was prepared from horizontal electric furnace. To obtain the single crystal thin films, mixed crystal was deposited on thoroughly etched semi-insulating GaAs(100) substrate by the Hot Wall Epitaxy (HWE) system. The source and substrate temperatures were and , respectively. The crystalline structure of the single crystal thin films was investigated by the photoluminescence and double crystal X-ray diffraction (DCXD). The carrier density and mobility of single crystal thin films measured from Hall effect by van der Pauw method are and at 293 K, respectively. The temperature dependence of the energy band gap of the obtained from the absorption spectra was well described by the Varshni`s relation, $E_g(T)
single crystal thin films;Energy band gap;photocurrent spectum;Crystal field splitting energy;Spin-orbit energy;
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