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Trimethylamine Sensing Characteristics of Molybdenum doped ZnO Hollow Nanofibers Prepared by Electrospinning
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 Title & Authors
Trimethylamine Sensing Characteristics of Molybdenum doped ZnO Hollow Nanofibers Prepared by Electrospinning
Kim, Bo-Young; Yoon, Ji-Wook; Lee, Chul-Soon; Park, Joon-Shik; Lee, Jong-Heun;
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Pure and Mo-doped ZnO hollow nanofibers were prepared by single capillary electrospinning and their gas sensing characteristics toward 5 ppm ethanol, trimethylamine (TMA), CO and were investigated. The gas responses and responding kinetics were dependent upon sensing temperature and Mo doping. Mo-doped ZnO hollow nanofibers showed high response to 5 ppm TMA ($R_a/R_g
ZnO nanofiber;Molybdenum;Gas sensor;Oxide semiconductor;Electrospinning;
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