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Characteristics of Gold and Silver Bimetallic Surface Plasmon Resonance Chip in Intensity Measurement Mode and Calculation of Refractive Index using Critical Angle
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 Title & Authors
Characteristics of Gold and Silver Bimetallic Surface Plasmon Resonance Chip in Intensity Measurement Mode and Calculation of Refractive Index using Critical Angle
Kim, Hyungjin; Lee, Sung-Youp; Kim, Hong Tak; Yang, Ki-Won; Sohn, Young-Soo;
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A bimetallic chip made of gold and silver was investigated in intensity interrogation mode to confirm enhancement of the SPR sensor resolution. Both reflectance curves of the bimetallic chip and the conventional gold chip was acquired and compared. The line width of the reflectance curve of the bimetallic chip was narrower than that of the conventional Au chip, resulting in steeper tangential slope. The reflectance was monitored at the angle related to the steepest tangential slope. The change in reflectance of the bimetallic chip was larger than that of the Au chip. The critical angle was analyzed by differentiating the reflectance with respect to incident angle twice. Acquiring the critical angle regarding to the sample informs the refractive index of the sample. Using various concentration of Bovine Serum Albumin, we confirmed that refractive index was linearly related to variation of reflectance of the bimetallic chip.
Bimetallic chip;SPR sensor;Intensity interrogation mode;Critical angle;Refractive index;
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반사광 측정 모드에서 금과 은을 사용한 이층 금속 칩과 삼층 금속 칩의 특성 연구,김형진;김창득;손영수;

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