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Bioelectrical Impedance Analysis at Popliteal Regions of Human Body using BIMS
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 Title & Authors
Bioelectrical Impedance Analysis at Popliteal Regions of Human Body using BIMS
Kim, J.H.; Kim, S.S.; Kim, S.H.; Baik, S.W.; Jeon, G.R.;
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Bioelectrical impedance (BI) at popliteal regions was measured using a bioelectrical impedance measurement system (BIMS), which employs the multi-frequency and the two-electrode method. Experiments were performed as follows. First, a constant AC current of was applied to the popliteal regions (left and right) and the BI was measured at eight different frequencies from 10 to 500 kHz. When the applied frequency greater than 50 kHz was applied to human`s popliteal regions, the BI was decreased significantly. Logarithmic plot of impedance vs. frequency indicated two different mechanisms in the impedance phenomena before and after 50 kHz. Second, the relationship between resistance and reactance was obtained with respect to the applied frequency using BI (resistance and reactance) acquired from the popliteal regions. The phase angle (PA) was found to be strongly dependent on frequency. At 50 kHz, the PA at the right popliteal region was slightly larger than at the left popliteal region. Third, BI values of extracellular fluid (ECF) and intracellular fluid (ICF) were calculated using BIMS. At 10 kHz, the BI values of ECF at the left and right popliteal regions were and , respectively. The BI values of ECF and ICF decreased sharply in the frequency range of 10 to 50 kHz, and gradually decreased up to 500 kHz. Logarithmic plot of BI vs. frequency shows that the BI of ICF decreased noticeably at high frequency above 300 kHz because of a large decrease in the capacitance of the cell membrane.
Bioelectrical impedance (BI);Resistance (R);Reactance ();Phase angle ();Extracellular fluid (ECF);Intracellular fluid (ICF);Capacitance of cell membrane ();bioelectrical impedance measurement system (BIMS);
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