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Interference Effects on the Thickness of a Pulse Pressure Sensor Array Coated with Silicone
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Interference Effects on the Thickness of a Pulse Pressure Sensor Array Coated with Silicone
Jun, Min-Ho; Jeon, Young Ju; Kim, Young-Min;
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Pulse diagnosis is one of the representative diagnostic methods in Oriental medicine. In this study, a pulse pressure sensor array coated with silicone, which includes 6 piezo-resistive sensors and 1 thermistor, is fabricated for pulse measurement. It is necessary to coat the pulse sensor array with silicone to avoid the fracture or damage of pressure sensors when the sensor is in contact with the skin and a constant pressure is applied. However, the silicone coating on the pulse sensor array can cause signal interference among the sensors in the pulse sensor array. The interference number (IN), a calculation for expressing the degree of interference among channels, is changed according to the silicone thickness on the pulse sensor array. The IN is increased by a thick silicone coating, but the fabrication error, an important index for the mass production of the sensor array, is reduced by the thickness of the silicone coating. We propose that the thickness of the silicone on the pulse sensor array is an important consideration for the performance of the fabricated sensor and manufacturing repeatability.
pulse sensor array;piezo-resistive pressure sensor;interference effect;silicone coating;sensor packaging;pulse diagnosis on radial artery;
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