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LET Calibration of Fe 500 MeV/u Ions using SSNTD
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 Title & Authors
LET Calibration of Fe 500 MeV/u Ions using SSNTD
KIM, Sunghwan;
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In this study, LET (Linear Energy Transfer) calibration of CR-39 SSNTD (Solid State Nuclear Track Detector) was performed using 500 MeV/u Fe heavy ions in HIMAC (Heavy Ion Medical Accelerator) for high LET radiation dosimetry. The irradiated CR-39 SSNDT were etched according JAXA (Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency) etching conditions. And the etched SSNTD were analyzed by using Image J. Determined dose-mean lineal energy () of 500 MeV/u Fe is about 283.3 keV/um by using the CR-39 SSNTD. This value is very similar result compare to the results calculated by GEANT4 Monte Carlo simulation and measured with TEPC active radiation detector. We confirmed that the CR-39 SSNTD was useful for high LET radiation dosimetry such as heavy iron ions.
high LET;CR-39;Fe ion;SSNTD;Equivalent dose;
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