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Characteristics and Fabrication of Dissolved Oxygen and pH Measurement System based on the Optical Sensor for Analysis of Cell Metabolic Functions
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 Title & Authors
Characteristics and Fabrication of Dissolved Oxygen and pH Measurement System based on the Optical Sensor for Analysis of Cell Metabolic Functions
Jang, Jiwoon; Hwang, Insook; Lee, Jongmok; Lee, Sunmin; Kang, Sora; Kim Pak, Youngmi; Kim, Nayoung;
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This study evaluates the performance of an optical sensor and measurement system (CMA-24) which can analyze the fluctuation of dissolved oxygen and pH simultaneously. In the optical sensor system, the fluorescent materials, Rudpp and HPTS which are sensitive to dissolved oxygen and pH, respectively, are coated on the bottom of a 24-well -plate by the sol-gel technology. The detection times of the emission light of the oxygen sensor were and for the dissolved oxygen of 17% and 7.6% , respectively. On the other hand, the detection times of the pH sensor were , , and using pH 6, 7, and 8, respectively. When we determined cellular respiration levels of C2C12 myocytes with CMA-24, /pH measurement system, the ratio of the uncoupled to coupled OCR (oxygen consumption rate) was 1.41. The results mean that this CMA-24 system shows almost the same sensitiveness as the commercial system.
Fluorescent sensing membrane;Dissolved oxygen;pH;Oxygen consumption rate;cellular respiration level;
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