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Pulse Detection from PPG Signal with Motion Artifact using Independent Component Analysis and Nonlinear Auto-correlation
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 Title & Authors
Pulse Detection from PPG Signal with Motion Artifact using Independent Component Analysis and Nonlinear Auto-correlation
Jeon, Hak-Jae; Kim, Jeong-Do; Lim, Seung-Ju;
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PPG signal measured by pulse oximeter can measure pulse and the oxygen saturation of arterial blood. But the PPG signal is distorted by finger movement or other movement in the body. To detect pulse from the PPG signal with motion artifact, we use band pass filter(BPF), Independent component analysis(ICA) and nonlinear autocorrelation(NAC). BPF is used to remove DC component and high frequency noise in the PPG signal with motion artifacts. ICA is used to separate pulse signal and motion artifact. However, pulse signal separated by ICA have no choice but to accompany signal distortion because pulse signal and motion artifact are not completely independent. So, we use nonlinear autocorrelation to emphasize the pure pulse signal from the distorted signal.
Independent Component Analysis, ICA;Photoplethysmography, PPG;Nonlinear Autocorrelation;
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