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Design of a 170 GHz Notch Filter for the KSTAR ECE Imaging Sensor Application
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 Title & Authors
Design of a 170 GHz Notch Filter for the KSTAR ECE Imaging Sensor Application
Mohyuddin, Wahab; Woo, Dong Sik; Kim, Sung Kyun; Kim, Kang Wook; Choi, Hyun-Chul;
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A planar, light-weight, and low-cost notch filter structure is required for the KSTAR ECEI (Electron Cyclotron Emission Imaging) system to protect the mixer arrays from spurious plasma heating power. Without protection, this heating power can significantly degrade or damage the performance of the mixer array. To protect mixer arrays, a frequency selective surface (FSS) structure is the suitable choice as a notch filter to reject the spurious heating power. The FSS notch filter should be located between the lenses of the ECEI system. This paper presents a 170 GHz FSS notch filter for the KSTAR ECEI sensor application. The design of such an FSS notch filter is based on the single-sided square loop geometry, because that makes it relatively insensitive to the incident angle of incoming wave. The FSS notch filter exhibits high notch rejection with low pass-band insertion loss over a wide range of incident angles. This paper also reviews the simulated and measured results. The proposed FSS notch filter might be implemented in other millimeter-wave plasma devices.
Frequency selective surface;notch filter;millimeter-wave imaging;angle independency;plasma diagnostic;
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