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Study on the Fabrication and Evaluation of the MEMS Based Curved Beam Air Flowmeter for the Vehicle Applications
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 Title & Authors
Study on the Fabrication and Evaluation of the MEMS Based Curved Beam Air Flowmeter for the Vehicle Applications
Park, Cheol Min; Choi, Dae Keun; Lee, Sang Hoon;
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This paper presents the fabrication and evaluation of the novel drag force type air flowmeter using MEMS technologies for the vehicle applications. To obtain the air drag force, the flowmeter utilized the curved beam structure, which was realized by the difference of residual stress between the silicon oxide layer and the silicon nitride layer. The paddle structure was applied for the maximum air drag force, and the dual-beam was adapted to prevent distortion. The basic experiments were performed in the wind tunnel, and the stable outputs were obtained. The device was applied to the internal combustion engine, and the results were compared with the HI-DS output where the convection thermal flowmeter was used as the reference sensor. The results indicated that the comparable resolutions and response times were obtained under the various engine speeds.
Air flowmeter;Residual stress;Curved beam;Vehicle applications;MEMS;
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