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Temperature Dependency of Non-dispersive Infrared Carbon Dioxide Gas Sensor by using Infrared Sensor for Compensation
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Temperature Dependency of Non-dispersive Infrared Carbon Dioxide Gas Sensor by using Infrared Sensor for Compensation
Yi, SeungHwan;
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NDIR gas sensor was built with ASIC implemented thermopile sensor which included temperature sensor and unique elliptical waveguide structures in this paper. The temperature dependency of dual infrared sensor module ( and reference IR sensors) has been characterized and its output voltage characteristics according to the temperature and gas concentration were proposed for the first time. NDIR gas and reference IR sensors showed linear output voltages according to the variation of ambient temperatures from 243 K to 333 K and their slopes were 14.2 mV/K and 8.8 mV/K, respectively. The output voltages of temperature sensor also presented a linear dependency according to the ambient temperature and could be described with V(T)
Dual-infrared sensors;Non-dispersive infrared gas sensor;Carbon dioxide sensor;Temperature compensation;Temperature sensor;
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White-Cell 구조를 응용한 비분산 적외선 이산화탄소 센서의 온도특성,이승환;박영환;이재경;

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