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Variation Factor Assessment of Radial Artery Pulse by the Tonometry Angle of the Pulse Pressure Sensor
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 Title & Authors
Variation Factor Assessment of Radial Artery Pulse by the Tonometry Angle of the Pulse Pressure Sensor
Jung, Chang Jin; Jo, Jung Hee; Jun, Min-Ho; Jeon, Young Ju; Kim, Young-Min;
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A pulse measurement by tonometry provides useful information for diagnosis, including not only blood pressure and heart rate but also parameters for estimating a condition of the cardiovascular system. Currently, various pulse measurement devices based on the tonometry have been developed. A reliability of these devices is determined by a positioning technic between the sensor and the blood vessel and a controlling technique of the pressurization level. An angle of the sensor for the pulse measurement seems to be highly related with a measured signal, however, the objective studies for this issue have been not published. In this paper, the variation of the pulse signals by tonometry direction was experimentally assessed according to the angle of the sensor. In order for guaranteeing the repeatability of the experiment, we used a pulse generator device, which can generate human pulse signal by using silicon tube and fluid pump, and developed a structure for precise adjustment of the angle and the pressurization level of the sensor. The angle of the sensor was acquired by an inclinometer, which was attached at the opposite side of the sensor. As results, a coefficient of variation (CV) of a maximum amplitude (MA) of the pulse wave was largely increased over the angle range of . Furthermore, the changes of the pulse shape showed different aspects according to the sign of the angle tilted along the blood vessel. It is expected that the results of this study can be helpful for developing more precise pulse measurement devices based on the tonometry and applying in clinic.
Tonometry pulse measurement;Pressure sensor;Perpendicular pressurization;Pulse diagnosis;
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