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Recognition of Falls and Activities of Daily Living using Tri-axial Accelerometer and Bi-axial Gyroscope
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 Title & Authors
Recognition of Falls and Activities of Daily Living using Tri-axial Accelerometer and Bi-axial Gyroscope
Park, Geun-chul; Kim, Soo-Hong; Kim, Jae-hyung; Shin, Beum-joo; Jeon, Gye-rok;
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This paper proposes a threshold-based fall recognition algorithm to discriminate between falls and activities of daily living (ADL) using a tri-axial accelerometer and a bi-axial gyroscope sensor mounted on the upper sternum. The experiment was executed ten times according to the proposed experimental protocol. The output signals of the tri-axial accelerometer and the bi-axial gyroscope were measured during eight falls and eleven ADL action sequences. The threshold values of the signal vector magnitude (SVM_Acc), angular velocity (), and angular variation () parameter were calculated using MATLAB. From the preliminary study, three thresholds (TH1, TH2, and TH3) were set so that the falls could be distinguished from ADL. When the parameter SVM_Acc is greater than 2.5 g (TH1), is greater than 1.75 rad/s (TH2), and is greater than 0.385 rad (TH3), these action sequences are recognized as falls. If at least one or more of these conditions is not satisfied, the sequence is classified as ADL.
Falls-recognition;Tri-axial accelerometer;Bi-axial gyroscope;Activities of Daily Living (ADL);ADL action sequence;
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