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A Study on the Conception of `Sojeung` in Sasang Constitution Medicine
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 Title & Authors
A Study on the Conception of `Sojeung` in Sasang Constitution Medicine
Li, Yan-hua; Kim, Jin-Young; Koh, Byung-Hee;
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Objectives The purpose of this study is to investigate the concept of `Sojeung` in Sasang Constitutional medicine. This is the first article, which focuses on the concepts of Sojeung by distinguishing symptoms, syndromes and disease.Methods Donguisusebowon and many articles were reviewed for summarizing the concepts of `Sojeung`. We investigated the concept of `Sojeung` from literal meaning and the difference between `syndromes` and `symptoms` in Traditional Chineses Medicine.Results & Conclusions By researching and discussing different meanings of Sojeung, we suggest that Sojeung has both `symptom` and `syndrome` meanings. Under different circumstances Sojeung refers to different meaning.
Sasang constitutional medicine;Ordinary symptoms;Conception;Sojeung;
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