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State Information Based Recommendation Algorithm for Minimizing the Malicious User`s Influence
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 Title & Authors
State Information Based Recommendation Algorithm for Minimizing the Malicious User`s Influence
Noh, Taewan; Oh, Hayoung; Noh, Giseop; Kim, Chong-Kwon;
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With the extreme development of Internet, recently most users refer the sites with the various Recommendation Systems (RSs) when they want to buy some stuff, movie and music. However, the possibilities of the Sybils with the malicious behaviors may exists in these RSs sites in which Sybils intentionally increase or decrease the rating values. The RSs cannot play an accurate role of the proper recommendations to the general normal users. In this paper, we divide the given rating values into the stable or unstable states and propose a system information based recommendation algorithm that minimizes the malicious user`s influence. To evaluate the performance of the proposed scheme, we directly crawl the real trace data from the famous movie site and analyze the performance. After that, we showed proposed scheme performs well compared to existing algorithms.
Recommendation system;Sybil;Social network;
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