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A research on improving client based detection feature by using server log analysis in FPS games
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A research on improving client based detection feature by using server log analysis in FPS games
Kim, Seon Min; Kim, Huy Kang;
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Cheating detection models in the online games can be divided into two parts. The one is on client based model, which is designed to detect malicious programs not to be run while playing the games. The other one is server based model, which distinguishes the difference between benign users and cheaters by the server log analysis. The client based model provides various features to prevent games from cheating, For instance, Anti-reversing, memory manipulation and so on. However, being deployed and operated on the client side is a huge weak point as cheaters can analyze and bypass the detection features. That Is why the server based model is an emerging way to detect cheating users in online games. But the simple log data such as FPS`s one can be hard to find validate difference between two of them. In this paper, In order to compensate for the disadvantages of the two detection model above, We use the existing game security solution log as well as the server one to bring high performance as well as detection ratio compared to the existing detection models in the market.
Online game security solution;FPS Online game security;FPS Server log analysis;
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실시간 대응 프로세스에 포커스를 맞춘 서버사이드 봇 탐지 프레임워크 구현 사례,강병탁;유동규;최해길;

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온라인 게임 해킹대응에서 Signature 기반 탐지방법 개선에 관한 연구,이창선;유진호;

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