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Advanced Mandatory Authentication Architecture Designed for Internet Bank
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 Title & Authors
Advanced Mandatory Authentication Architecture Designed for Internet Bank
Hong, Ki-seok; Lee, Kyung-ho;
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Non-face-to-face real name verification policy that financial authorities announced, in order to secure a face-to-face or more of accuracy, are in principle of multi check. The business model and legal entities of Internet banks is different from existing Internet banking. Relpacing real name verification from face-to-facd to non-face-to-face while maintaining the structure of identification can not only cause inconvenience to a first time member, but also can be more vulnerable to verious security risks. In this study, to evaluate a service level of a bank of the Internet, and provide an improved identification of the structure such that the registration and use of differentiated services is performed in accordance with the evaluation. In addition, the security that may occur with respect to Bank of the Internet to establish a vulnerability and attack model, the results of the analysis of the safety of the step-by-step security attributes and services of the authentication medium of each attack model, existing the safer than Internet banking, confirmed the usefulness in user registration guide.
real name verification;mandatory authentication;internet bank;internet primary bank;attack model;
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