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Ensuring the Admissibility of Mobile Forensic Evidence in Digital Investigation
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 Title & Authors
Ensuring the Admissibility of Mobile Forensic Evidence in Digital Investigation
Eo, Soowoong; Jo, Wooyeon; Lee, Seokjun; Shon, Taeshik;
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Because of the evolution of mobile devices such as smartphone, the necessity of mobile forensics is increasing. In spite of this necessity, the mobile forensics does not fully reflect the characteristic of the mobile device. For this reason, this paper analyzes the legal, institutional, and technical considerations for figuring out facing problems of mobile forensics. Trough this analysis, this study discuss the limits of screening seizure on the mobile device. Also, analyzes and verify the mobile forensic data acquisition methods and tools for ensuring the admissibility of mobile forensic evidence in digital investigation.
Digital Forensics;Mobile Forensics;Evidence Acquisition;Searches and seizures;
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