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A Decision-Making Model for Handling Personal Information Using Metadata
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 Title & Authors
A Decision-Making Model for Handling Personal Information Using Metadata
Kim, Yang-Ho; Cho, In-Hyun; Lee, Kyung-Ho;
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After realizing through the three large-scale data leakage incidents that intentional or accidental insider jobs are more serious than external intrusions, financial companies in Korea have been taking measures to prevent data leakage from occuring again. But, the IT system architecture reflecting the domestic financial environment is highly complicated and thereby difficult to grasp. It is obvious that despite administrative, physical, and technical controls, insider threats are likely to cause personal data leakage. In this paper, we present a process that based on metadata defines and manages personally identifiable attribute data, and that through inter-table integration identifies personal information broadly and controls access. This process is to decrease the likelihood of violating compliance outlined by the financial supervisory authority, and to reinforce internal controls. We derive and verify a decision-making model that reflects the proposed process.
Personally Identifiable Information;Compliance;Information Security;Risk Management;Metadata;
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