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An Algorithm for Switching from Arithmetic to Boolean Masking with Low Memory
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 Title & Authors
An Algorithm for Switching from Arithmetic to Boolean Masking with Low Memory
Kim, HanBit; Kim, HeeSeok; Kim, TaeWon; Hong, SeokHie;
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Power analysis attacks are techniques to analyze power signals to find out the secrets when cryptographic algorithm is performed. One of the most famous countermeasure against power analysis attacks is masking methods. Masking types are largely classified into two types which are boolean masking and arithmetic masking. For the cryptographic algorithm to be used with boolean and arithmetic masking at the same time, the converting algorithm can switch between boolean and arithmetic masking. In this paper we propose an algorithm for switching from boolean to arithmetic masking using storage size at less cost than ones. The proposed algorithm is configured to convert using the look-up table without the least significant bit(LSB), because of equal the bit of boolean and arithmetic masking. This makes it possible to design a converting algorithm compared to the previous algorithm at a lower cost without sacrificing performance. In addition, by applying the technique at the LEA it showed up to 26 percent performance improvement over existing techniques.
Side-channel;Arithmetic to Boolean masking;Masking;Countermeasure;
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