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A Study on Game Bot Detection Using Self-Similarity in MMORPGs
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 Title & Authors
A Study on Game Bot Detection Using Self-Similarity in MMORPGs
Lee, Eun-Jo; Jo, Won-Jun; Kim, Hyunchul; Um, Hyemin; Lee, Jina; Kwon, Hyuk-min; Kim, Huy-Kang;
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Game bot playing is one of the main risks in Massively Multi-Online Role Playing Games(MMORPG) because it damages overall game playing environment, especially the balance of the in-game economy. There have been many studies to detect game bot. However, the previous detection models require continuous maintenance efforts to train and learn the game bots` patterns whenever the game contents change. In this work, we have proposed a machine learning technique using the self-similarity property that is an intrinsic attribute in game bots and automated maintenance system. We have tested our method and implemented a system to major three commercial games in South Korea. As a result, our proposed system can detect and classify game bots with high accuracy.
game bot detection;self-similarity;online game security;
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